Collection of biological resources

The CIC 1402’s biobank is part of BIOBANQUES, the French network of Biobanks, coordinating French Biological Resource Centres (BRC).

The biobank has significantly grown since 2010 with respect to the themes that correspond to the axes of CIC “Hematological malignancies”, “Metabolic Disorders”, “Neurosciences”.

In January 2013, 99500 biological resources from 5500 patients were stored in the biobank.

The use of these collections of biological samples has fostered academic partnerships based on translational research programs:
– Local, in translational research programs involving the University of Poitiers, with the Institute of Chemistry and Material Environments of Poitiers – IC2MP) and secondly by the CNRS CNRS FRE 3511.
– National, with the University Hospitals of Tours, Nantes, Bichat, Saint Louis, Toulouse …
– International: Broad Institute, Harvard University, USA / University of Virginia, USA. The implementation of these biological collections is in grams.

The Biobank management is performed according to the French BRC standard and will ask to certify NF S 96-900 in Q4 of 2013.



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